Viking Warrior Mode Engaged!

The team tackles Axe Throwing.

It’s safe to say the gang at Soap Creative have stepped into our ‘Extreme Era’ of work socials in 2023. Our first social of the year, which we picked out of a hat, was Axe Throwing! 

We were new to the sport and didn’t know what we were in for as we stepped into a dark room with chains hanging on every wall and the constant loud thud of the axes being hurled at large wooden target boards.

Our host Yana explained the rules to us and said we’d left our human names at the door, and instead, we had to embody our new WARRIOR NAMES. Tom’s choice of ‘Tiny Tim’ was particularly menacing! 

Two at a time, we stepped up to go head to head, opting for the one-handed overhead throw or the step-forward lunge. 

We all battled valiantly, seemingly neck and neck, but soon it narrowed down to a few remaining contestants. Christy stepped up, saying he had been practising his lunges in the gym that morning so he would “breeze it”. However, the group’s newbie Amelia claimed victory and won herself a free drink!

We all had a fantastic time and couldn’t recommend it enough. I’m sure we’ll be back for a rematch very soon. 

But the fun wasn’t over there! Afterwards, we went to the Ox Club for a fabulous steak dinner to fully round off the evening

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