Cowabunga Dude!

Surf’s Up Brah!

Our most recent excursion was to The Wave, with an extra special plus one, Christy’s wife, Vicki. For those not in the know, it is an artificial body of water with a wave generator so that you can learn to surf in the small white waves, or if you’re more advanced, you can tackle the bigger waves at the back. It wouldn’t take a genius to guess where we were for our session. 

You start on the bank with your board, learning the basic moves of getting up onto your board, aka ‘popping up’. After you’ve mastered those on dry land, you wade into the water and immediately forget everything you’ve just learnt, and face plant straight into the water! I’d like to say that after a few attempts, we were all standing up and catching some gnarly waves right to the shore… but that wasn’t the case! But it wasn’t all white water in the face; the whole team picked it up very well and had a great time, albeit exhausting, with some definite sore bodies the day after!

Our next extreme sport is just around the corner, but no, we’re not slowing down.
To welcome our new starter Ella, we will again be testing our aim, this time at Flight Club in Bristol!

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