Brief: Modernise the brand yet create a look that remains connected to its roots

BDAA aims to make Bristol THE dementia friendly city in the UK. It’s a big ambition and one soap is helping the charity to realise.

This charity exists to educate people to the impact of dementia; and not only to those living with the disease, but also those caring for them. The charity is already working hard to fulfil its ambition, with public bodies, large corporates, schools, colleges and community groups receiving dementia training.

The creative focussed on the cognitive impact the disease has on the memory and the confusion caused by dementia. The communications are thought provoking yet deliver information clearly and concisely.

soap creative walks the talk with each member of the team a dementia friend.

Services: Graphic design, Brand development, Copywriting, Social media, Point of sale, Printed communications, Consultancy for funding applications