Bar of Hope

Create a brand that would convey this organisation’s ethics, and importantly promote the importance of protecting the environment and supporting local sustainability initiatives.

We loved the dedication and commitment of 11-year-old Amber who, single-handedly created A Bar of Hope. We heard about her work and her passion but she could not afford to launch a new brand or build a website that met the needs of her growing business and her target audience. We wanted to support this initiative by donating design and digital services free of charge.

Her soaps and other products are made from ethically sourced ingredients and where possible sourced locally, all profits go towards forestry sustainability projects. A very small cottage industry business operating from her home in Warwickshire. We are proud of Amber and her work and we can’t wait to see what she does next.

Services: Consultancy, brand development, graphic design, illustration, digital (UX/UI & dev)