Active Assistance

Brief: Brand and brand implementation

Active Assistance has been a client for 9 years. We share the same values, we put people at the centre of everything.

When we pitched for the account 9 years ago, we were ranked the wild card. We were a small boutique agency and the client, located in Kent, was convinced they wanted a local partner. However, it was our compelling creatives and messaging that convinced AA otherwise and here we are, 9 years on.

This brand operates in a niche arena delivering ‘live in’ care services for people living with wide-ranging and sometimes life-limiting conditions.

As the care at home space changed, procurement of services became less prescribed, giving individuals the power to make their own choices about how they received care. soap has been with AA throughout that journey; through its various acquisitions and as AA has grown, so has our relationship.

Services: Consultancy, graphic design (brochure/leaflets/press adverts), campaign-led advertising, large format, digital