Who really cares?

Thank you with a heart

As a creative agency that has supported clients across the health and social care sector for many years we are not at all surprised at the acts of dedication and selfless heroism shown by those working across the sector right now, and we want to celebrate all that they do…

We have supported the marketing activity of residential care providers, retirement living services, domiciliary care providers among many others. We have repositioned, branded, re-branded, launched new homes and services, managed media campaigns, designed and implemented creative campaigns across digital comms and traditional media. We’ve done out-of-home and targeted direct mail, radio, press – there’s not much we haven’t done for them. It’s not always been easy as the industry has often been the target of bad press – often vilified because of the act of the odd rotten apple and rarely praised for the extraordinary compassionate care delivered day in day out.

Despite the challenges the industry faces, what strikes us most is the people behind the businesses: they are resilient, brave and take enormous pride in the work they do, they are proud of the standards they set and they are proud of the care they deliver. It’s at times like these, when we are a country in a healthcare crisis, that we see these people as the real heroes of industry.

So with this in mind, soap is proud to be a partner to all of those organisations and those people delivering care in all settings: hospitals, residential and nursing care homes, in-home care, social care – we are full of admiration for you.