Is There Value in Giving Your Services for Free?

Yes! Whilst many have been losing their heads, we’ve kept our heads down, working hard focussing on what we can do, not what we can’t. We are lucky enough to now be an established branding agency able to support businesses through good times and bad – our team often gifting their time to support a client or perhaps a start-up to get a project over the line – we were there once after all.

We’ve been doing good deeds: running webinars, using our social platforms and being consistent in our comms to support, share, inform, and just help out, building trust and confidence in who we are along the way, knowing that when the time is right that good will work its way back to us – in a good karma kind of way.

We see glimmers now as this approach starts to pay out. Many businesses are starting to look upwards and outwards and think about how they raise profile as we all start to emerge from what has been, and continues to be, quite frankly, a bit of a nightmare.

Our hard work, being authentic and to a certain extent our altruism, has been recognised as our investment showed integrity and people value that. So new business is starting to trickle back in, from our loyal existing clients as well as adding some new ones to the list!

So, yes, there is real value in giving stuff away for free!

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