We’re Offsetting Our Environmental Impact by Planting 500 Trees

Six months ago we partnered with a local conservation organisation, Ecologi, to help offset the environmental impact of our work. As we just pass the 500 funded trees mark, we take a closer look at exactly how we’re reducing carbon emissions here at Soap Creative.
Every month, we pay a subscription to Ecologi for each of our team members. This helps to offset our travel and the printing we do in house. Then each quarter we look back at the work we’ve done and make an extra contribution on behalf of all of our clients to counterbalance the carbon emissions associated with some of our bigger print design jobs and the associated shipping. 
So far, as a team, we have achieved 14.56 tonnes of carbon reduction, which is equivalent to saving 44 square metres of sea ice or reversing the adverse effects of driving 36,123 miles in a car. We’ve always been a friendly kind of team but we’re proud to be a “climate friendly” team, too.
And that’s not just through planting trees. Via Ecologi, we are able to help to fund some fantastic carbon offsetting solutions. From the first ever wind power project in Honduras and generating renewable solar electricity in Egypt right through to planting one little Hazel tree in Hitchen, UK, we’re committed to doing our part to tackle the climate crisis. We teamed up with Ecologi because we were impressed by their commitment to undoing decades worth of global carbon damage as well as, we have to say, how simple and well-designed their solution is. 
What’s more, since our recent office relocation, half the team can now walk to work. And once there, the building itself uses low energy lighting throughout and is powered primarily by onsite solar panels, topping up any additional energy needs from certified renewable sources. Alongside recycling wherever possible, we’re proactively reducing our paper usage by switching to digital documents. And when we do need to print, it’s sourced from reliable and trusted suppliers who use well-managed forests and chemical-free inks.
We know that our contribution is just a small piece of the puzzle and so while we continue to support sustainable projects and be mindful about our working practices, we’re always on the lookout for other smart solutions that will help to save our planet.
So, how about you? How do you measure the carbon emissions your work creates? And what do you do to offset the impact of the work you do? 

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