Does Your Creative Agency Do More Than You Think? Five Reasons To Let Them Out Of Their Pigeonhole

Finding the right creative partner can be tough. You want a branding agency that you connect with personally, meets your budget requirements and, most of all, produces brilliant work that goes above and beyond the brief. 

And when you find a studio that does just that – ticks your ‘direct mail’ box or allows you to check ‘design & build the new website’ off your enormous To Do list – you’re happy because you’re busy and a job well done means you can move on to dealing with the next agency for the next project. But what if you let that first agency out of their box and onto the other tasks that need completing? Well, that’s scary because you know they do X, but does that mean they can do Y?

Here at Soap, we’d argue probably yes. Or – at least – why not give them the brief to see for yourself? We know we’ve been thought of as “the brochure guys” or “the event collateral people” by clients who have been surprised – and very pleased – to find that our team of brilliant designers can do much more than they originally thought. 

So here we round up the five benefits of letting your creative agency out of their pigeonhole:

1. Achieve continuity across the whole brand experience

As brand guardians, a creative studio working across all of your touchpoints can give your customers the kind of consistent experience that will build a strong brand.

Your audience can be wrapped up, all snuggly and warm, in a cosy and dependable duvet of brand experiences that match their expectations and your desired positioning, rather than a patchwork quilt of messages and visuals created by different agencies that you have to personally stitch together.

At Soap we see ourselves as brand guardians – nurturing every aspect of your brand is what we do

2. Take the hassle out of managing multiple agency relationships

Speaking of stitching pieces together. Why do it? It’s difficult and time consuming and the results don’t always match the effort. 

By dealing with just one creative studio, especially if communication is good and they’ve taken the time to really get to know your organisation, producing all the collateral you need will be much easier. Freeing you up to focus on building your brand identity and planning for the future.

Partner with Soap and you’ll get direct access to our friendly and hard-working team – we’re here for the long term

3. Fill in any skills gap as and when needed

You may not need video production or CGI designs for every campaign but when you do, why not ask your creative agency if they can help? A good creative studio will have a whole host of specialist skills either inhouse or as part of their trusted freelance network. 

By keeping creative control within the agency that you know and trust, you get the smooth process and consistent results we’ve discussed above and it may also be more cost effective, too (see below)

Need a copywriter? Some PR? A brilliant web developer? You name it, we’ve got you

4. Make your budget go further 

Your creative agency should offer flexible solutions to meet your (no doubt, ever changing) creative needs. 

Whether that’s fixed hours on a monthly retainer and/or a project-by-project approach, allowing one studio to manage everything from brand building to media buying or collateral printing should be more cost effective (not to mention the value of the time you save by not juggling multiple agency relationships!)

We’re proud to offer flexibility and reliability so you get the best value for money

5. Get a fresh perspective from a trusted source

And finally. If you’ve been working with an agency on one type of collateral for some time now, they should know your brand inside out and will be able to bring a fresh perspective – grounded in knowledge of your brand – to a different type of brief. 

Because they know your organisation well, they may be able to spot gaps or see opportunities that a completely new agency would not. 

At Soap, we work across a whole host of sectors and media and we draw inspiration from each one

So when a new project crops up – don’t start the exhausting search for a new agency, check whether the one you’ve already got can do the job! 

Do we work with you already on one type of brief? And if so, what other projects have you got coming up in house that we could bring our brilliant design skills to? Go on! Give us a try! 

Are you ready to start your next creative project?

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