The world’s only plantable pencil.

From small things, big things grow.

Just add water and sunlight.

As part of our ever progressing efforts to, as a company, be more environmentally friendly and find alternative solutions that create a positive impacts, we are working with Sprout to be our business card replacements. Instead of producing some, albeit stunning, high quality business cards, that would no doubt get thrown away after a brief glance, we’re going down a different route. We will be handing out Sprout pencils with the Soap logo and website URL on. These are special because you can reuse them and plant them in soil for flowers, herbs or trees to grow.

Our hope is that with this small but conscious change, it will GROW into having a big positive impact. By using a product that is plastic free, has minimal waste and is a circular design, this will contribute to our eco efforts, meaning less paper in landfill and more flowers in the world. Not to mention that you can obviously use them for their primary purpose, as a useable pencil.

How To Use:


Step 1: Use Pencil.

Step 2: Plant it, add water and sunlight.

Step 3: Seeds will sprout within 7 – 12 days.

Step 4: Enjoy!

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