Oxfordshire County Council

Proof that high quality design with top drawer customer service is what organisations look for in a design agency. A previous client moved to a new marketing role and as a trusted partner, took soap with them.

Earlier this year soap started working with Oxfordshire Council to deliver clear and concise communications to support its public health team delivering services to the community and, to raise public awareness of the availability of Health Checks within Oxfordshire.

A recent survey evidenced that customer service is one of the key aspects of the client agency relationship. The soap team has always put client needs as a top priority – being a good design agency is not enough, what makes a great design agency is the ability to ensure a client feels they are understood, they are supported in their role and that they will never be let down.

If you’re looking for a design agency committed to delivering first class customer service get in touch with the soap team today on 01275 400777 or email hello@soapcreative.co.uk