The (soap) creative process

We are the first to admit we’d make terrible pirates. Not because we couldn’t rock a sword and an eye patch, but because we lack cutthroat mentality. Over the years, soap has grown organically, building a reputation through good work and word of mouth. For us, the longevity of our client relationships is more important than making a quick buck.

At its inception, our founders saw an opportunity to go above and beyond what other agencies were offering – providing a consistently superior service based on transparency and communication.

Let’s break it down

What’s it like to work with us? Our approach can be broken down into four stages: Exploration, Planning, Creative and Delivery.

Exploration Icon


Every good story starts with a question and an answer. Or in our case, a whole slew of questions. By the end of this stage, we want to know your business inside out: your market, your audience, what makes you special and who you’re up against. Get ready for some radical honesty – it’s about to get personal.

Planning Icon


Armed with a wealth of knowledge from stage one, we’ll set about turning what we know into a carefully laid-out plan to take you from where you are now to where you want to be: taking over the world! Or in less extreme cases, spreading the word, enthralling customers and leaving your competition quaking in their boots.

Creative Icon


Time to put the plan into action! Our sassy creatives didn’t spend all those years studying to sit around kicking their heels. Here we distill your business objectives into sharp, distinctive assets that will take your message and release it into the eyes and hearts of your would-be customers.

Delivery Icon


But why bother with any of it, if the results go unnoticed? Precise delivery is just as important as stimulating design, which is where our experienced multi-channel marketers come into their own. Whether print, digital or social, we have the in-house expertise to make sure your campaign comes into contact with the right people.