Free Guide to Marketing through Covid & Beyond
(Farming & Agri Sector)

Has your marketing budget been cut right back, if not taken away altogether? Is your workload growing whilst your team seems to be shrinking? And are you still expected to deliver the same results? Well if it’s any consolation, you’re not alone!

As businesses, both large and small struggle to know how best to move forward at this challenging time, many are choosing to just carry on as normal, sticking with the same marketing strategy and the same messaging, and simply hoping for the best!

In fact, what you should be doing right now, and as you can find out in our ‘Marketing Through Covid & Beyond Guide’, your focus should be about using this time to build your brand by engaging and supporting your customers as best you can, with relevant and tone smart communication.

Whilst it may seem natural to adopt a survival strategy and focus on the short term, you need to strike a balance and be ready for recovery, as you will see from leading brands such as BrewDog, John Deere and Innocent Drinks who seem to be getting it just right!

To find out more, download our free guide below. 

Whilst we produced the guide following a webinar aimed at marketing professionals in the Farming & Agri sector, the principles are still very much relevant across most businesses so it’s definitely still worth a read!.

Do you work in the Farming & Agri sector?

If you do work in the Farming & Agri sector, make sure you take a look at the results from our recent webinar poll on pages 18-19, revealing which channels marketers have found to be effective throughout Covid and whether or not they have adapted their products and messaging.

We also share some insights from our Q & A session on pages 16-17 which was held at the end of the webinar covering everything from the value of online events through to running a virtual farm walk to engage the press!

We hope you find our guide useful. Although, you might want to grab yourself a cuppa and a biscuit (or perhaps a small packet) as it’s a fairly long read! Sorry, we just had so much to say!

Until the next time.

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Free Guide to Marketing through Covid & Beyond
(Farming & Agri Sector)


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