Cereals Live: Q&A Edition

Cereals Event has just launched its latest initiative, Cereals Support.

The free service offers advice and assistance for arable farmers during these trying times and will take the form of a series of monthly webinars, each focusing on one specific theme around farming, i.e. finance, legal, marketing, mental health, equipment, agronomy and so on.

Soap will be hosting the marketing webinar alongside Olivia Cooper from Agri-hub who will be offering advice on all things PR.

This new initiative came about during a conversation with Cereals rising star, Cattrina Milne who did a stellar job of delivering the pivoted Cereals Live Event from a physical event to an online event.

The fully loaded schedule was a phenomenal success. So well supported in fact, the 90+ moderators, speakers and panellists did not have time to answer the 568 questions asked by attendees over the two days. To give the questions the time and consideration that they deserve, the team is hosting Cereals LIVE: The Q&A Edition on 5 November 2020.

Cereals LIVE: Q&A Edition will answer essential questions raised at June’s event, concerning hot topics relevant to current industry challenges, news and updates.

Topics for the Q&A Edition will include:

‘New era, new challenges, new opportunities’
09:30 – 11:00

The live webinar will focus on questions around what impact Coronavirus, Brexit and new Government incentives for public goods will have on UK arable farming businesses.

‘A healthier environment: A healthier bottom line’
11:30 – 13:00

This webinar will focus on questions around how farmers are adapting their businesses to reduce costs of production and increase profitability by improving the health of their soils, boosting natural capital and sequestering carbon.

Sustainable Crop Management
13:30 – 15:00

Farmers are already adjusting their systems to cope with grass weeds and chemical resistance – but with a changing climate is delayed drilling becoming too great a risk?

‘New tools for a new era’ webinar
15:30 – 17:00

This webinar will focus on questions around what tools and technology are needed to manage arable businesses better.