Welcome to the soap blog!

soap blog

Welcome to the soap blog!
We’re excited to launch our brand new blog where you will find all the latest news from the team and more. Be sure to check it out to find out what we’ve been getting up to, exciting projects we’ve been working on, industry trends, as well as loads of useful hints and tips on all things Marketing and Design!

It’s a minefield out there
In the constantly evolving world of Marketing, we know it’s a minefield out there that at times can be tough to navigate. Never has this been more true in the last few weeks since the outbreak of COVID-19! Many Marketers will be asking themselves ‘Is this the right time to be investing in our brand or not?’ or ‘What can we do in the short term to boost sales? And that’s where we come in!

We’re here to help!
Crisis or no crisis the soap team is here to help. With many talents behind us, from brochure and web design, through to branding, copywriting and marketing strategy, we hope that by sharing our knowledge on these topics, we can make your lives just that little bit easier!